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At  KT Motors Glasgow we pride ourselves in using dealer level diagnostics. This ensures we can get to the route of the problem with the minimum amount of man hours and ensures a first time fix. This is important to us as it keeps the cost down for our customers. Here are just some of the diagnostics we use.


VAG Diagnostics

VAG Diagnostics was founded in 2006, specialising in providing data-logging and diagnostic support to racing teams across the UK, especially in the VW Racing Cup and VAG Trophy racing series. In 2009 it was decided to expand this level of diagnostics and expertise to all owners.



PicoScope is a PC based automotive oscilloscope(sometimes known as a labscope). It turns our computer into a powerful diagnostic tool, showing you what is really going on with a vehicle’s electronic circuits. Think of a PicoScope as the “X-ray machine of diagnostics”, giving you the ability to see the inner workings of your vehicle’s wiring.


Original Mercedes Benz Star Diagnostics

The new generation Mercedes Benz diagnostic equipment Star Diagnosis SD Connect is the latest diagnostic system for all current and new coming MB vehicles.

  • Mercedes STAR
  • VAS
  • Bosch Kits
  • Snap on Solus Ultra
  • Peugeot Planet
  • Citroen Lexia
  • Ford DIS
  • Renault Clip
  • PicoScope
  • Vauxhall op-com
  • Alongside Compression Tester
  • Flow Gauge
  • Smoke Machine